Physician Guide to Securing Group Contributions to IMPAC



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How to Secure Medical Staff Contributions

  • Identify medical staff leaders, including medical staff presidents or other influential members of the staff who can influence the decision to contribute. Look for ISMS members in hospital leadership positions who should be friendly to these aims for help and guidance. Ascertain if your medical staff funds are held separately or are commingled with hospital funds (see the enclosed legal guideline on group contributions).

  • Contact individuals you know on the medical staff to inquire about making a solicitation and discuss the importance of making a group contribution to IMPAC. Review the sample solicitation letter and talking points for guidance. If you do not receive a timely response, consider following up with your contact to inquire about the medical staff’s interest.

  • If you are invited to make a presentation to the medical staff for the solicitation, contact IMPAC staff for additional help. IMPAC staff can prepare additional materials for you and can connect you with seasoned physician fundraisers to share successful strategies for approaching the medical staff.

  • After the solicitation, follow up with your contact with a personal thank you and letter.

  • If medical staff contributes, IMPAC also sends a thank you note and a plaque acknowledging their commitment to protecting physician interests in Illinois.

Talking Points on IMPAC and the Need for Group Contributions

  • IMPAC, the Illinois State Medical Society Political Action Committee, is a voluntary, non-partisan, not-for-profit organization comprised of physicians and like-minded individuals who support candidates friendly to the medical profession. By helping these candidates, we are helping shape legislation and regulations that affects our patients and impacts our ability to practice medicine.

  • Physicians are under continuous attacks in Springfield. It if is not the trial lawyers, it is the insurance companies, other allied health care professionals, onerous regulations, or other forces that want to undermine your ability to practice medicine.

  • IMPAC is the largest physician sponsored Political Action Committee (PAC) in Illinois and has successfully supported medical majorities in the General Assembly throughout the years. That is why the ISMS was able to pass medical liability reform measures multiple times in both Republican and Democratic controlled governments.

  • A healthy IMPAC is essential to keeping physicians politically strong in Illinois. Our opponents such as the medical malpractice lawyers are trying to raise money to defeat our physician-friendly candidates.

  • IMPAC has experienced a significant decrease in contributions from individual physicians. In 2012/2013, IMPAC was successful in securing contributions from new group donors – either group practices or hospital medical staffs. We need to continue in these efforts if IMPAC is going to maintain its influence in Illinois politics and in Springfield.

  • IMPAC gives 100% of contributions to physician-friendly candidates.

Sample Solicitation Letter

Legal Guidelines for Eligibility to Contribute